Much more than money
PRIMAPAY is the connection of the digital world with old style face-to-face relationships. The payment provider that works in synergy with the people who have chosen it.
People with you
A business has no emotions, but people do. Indeed, people understand your needs and your vision.

PRIMAPAY was created to connect the values of personal relationships with the digital world.
Focus on your ease
The measure of success is happiness and peace of mind. PRIMAPAY payment provider enhances your life by making your fund management easy.

Enjoy your work and your free time; PRIMAPAY will take care of your account.
Create a connection from the get-go
PRIMAPAY's team is made up of people chosen with care, including experts in finance, law and business management.

Our team members listen to your needs and provide you with mindful tailor-made management.
Easy to use
Smart to have
Keep using your favorite device. Access via web and app. All features at your fingertips—easy to find and use!